Winning Techniques for Your Online Store


Winning Techniques for Your Online StoreDo you want to create loyalty and convert your customers? Learn the most effective practices to maximize the results of your business by doing Email Marketing .

If you usually send email campaigns to your contacts or want to start doing it, you have to know that there are details that make the difference and are key to stand out from your competitors .

Contrary to what most believe, doing Email Marketing in a professional manner requires certain techniques, it is not about sending emails to thousands of users. Get ready to discover them in this article!

Put yourself in your clients shoes

Using a friendly and close tone is key to building an emotional bond with your Subscribers. Try to put aside the coldness and not be boring. Nowadays, people are seeking to establish closer and more affective relationships with brands.

For example, instead of sending a boring Email that says “your package has been shipped,” you can add a fun GIF  celebrating that the product is on its way.

Create attractive affairs

Both the Subject and the first sentence of the body of the Email are elements that determine if the recipient is going to continue reading or not, therefore, you must strive to be striking and seductive . However, try not to give false hopes, it is key that you are transparent with your clients to have a lasting and trust-based link.

Use a Subject that encourages the reader to open the mail, try to reflect in it in an attractive way and with few words what it is that the user will find within the message. Be concise, although it sometimes costs, you need to get to the point and be clear.

Increase your Database

To reach new prospects or potential customers, it is essential to grow your database. Do this by including Subscription Forms on all interaction sites with your potential customers, such as your Website, Blog or Facebook. You can also implement Pop-ups, Hello Bars and Sidebars.  .

Do not buy Databases, a small list of quality is much more valuable than a large non-qualified . Focus on capturing Leads that are really interested in knowing about your brand and knowing what you have to offer.

Synchronize your platforms

To further enhance your results combines the eCommerce platform that you use with your Email Marketing tool, this way, you will be provided various tasks.

For example, if you have an account in Cloud Store and  you can  import all your contacts to a List  automatically, simple and effective.

In addition, this synchronization allows you to  send Campaigns with the products that you have loaded in your Online Shop as your customers see them there, so, every time your contacts click on the image or the product description that interests them are  driven directly to your eCommerce platform to complete the purchase.

Focus on Recovery Emails

Did you know that almost 70% of users leave their cart before completing the purchase?  Yes, it is a lot, but the good news is that these people are very close to the end of the conversion funnel , so it is very likely that you will conquer them again when you send them a follow up email .

There are many eCommerce that face the same problem, is it your case? Do not despair, the solution is easier than you think. To reverse cart drop-offs and get your buyers back, you have to schedule Emails that are sent automatically within 12-24 hours of abandonment .

#Zenkyhub : Include images of products that users have added to your cart, offer them a discount and add a strong call to action to get you to resume your purchase.

Learn About Spam

Knowing how Anti Spam filters work will allow you to understand how to keep your shipments away from them. Since you put so much effort in creating your Campaigns, the ideal thing is that finally your mails are seen by its Subscribers.

First of all, make sure that the address of the Sender you use has a domain of its own . This is taken into account by mail agents when filtering.

It is also essential that you send your Emails through platforms that have a good reputation, Activecampaign is one of them.

Also, avoid  words  like “free”, “money”, “sex”, “discount”, “buy now” and “offer”, are not recommended for the Subject or for the content of your emails.

Keep your contacts informed

Do not address your Newsletters to sales, but to loyalty and inform . Focus on generating content that will help you build long-term relationships and increase the opening rate of your emails.

Make sure your messages have value and are relevant to your users, well, they will share them in Social Networks and you will reach all your contacts. A great alternative is to tell emotional stories related to your business or provide testimonials from clients.

It offers information that is valuable to your subscribers , can be news of the sector, promotions, launches, new tools of purchase , etc. In this way, you will gradually nourish them until they become loyal followers of your brand.

Arrive at the right time

While using smartphones people are all the time checking their mailbox there are certain times that are more effective to capture the attention of subscribers.

Access detailed data and metrics that will allow you to know the days of the week and the times  in which the transaction volume reaches its maximum . Follow this pattern and send your emails when your contacts are more predisposed to receive them.

Uses a clear CTA

You are not the only one who sends emails to your contacts, therefore, you have to find the way to stand out from the rest. Do it through a good CTA or Call to Action , ie a button that catches the eye and stands out from the rest of the content .

For what? Well, to get your Subscribers to do the action you’re looking for. The goal is to cause a quick reaction on your customers . You have only 3 seconds for a person to notice your Call to Action, so, emphasize that it is clearly distinguished by its colors, shape, etc.

Do not include multiple Calls to Action in the same Email. Do not be generic. An Email with a grid full of different products will probably confuse users. Be specific . The best thing is that you offer characteristics of specific products and explain to your contacts what is the benefit that they will enjoy when obtaining each one of them.

Add a pinch of urgency

Concentrate on promoting sales and offers with a certain deadline . This will create urgency and keep people coming back for more.

To make your audience read your emails and take action afterwards you can add a sense of urgency, well, they will feel that if they do not act at that moment they are letting an opportunity pass that will never come back . They are incentives that will undoubtedly improve your conversions. Come and try them out.

For example, you can tell your Subscribers that there is a limited stock of products on offer or that only the first 10 to buy them will carry them at that price, they will not be able to resist!

Target your audience

Try targeting your audience by using the information you know about them, such as your interests or your purchase history. Based on characteristics they have in common , pool them and generate messages that respond specifically to their needs .

Keep in mind that the level of commitment of people with your brand is much higher during the first 60 days , then there is usually a huge drop, so it is important to implement targeted campaigns that increase the interest of your subscribers day by day.

If you do not, many, instead of canceling your subscription, will simply stop opening your emails  and you will have an inactive client base. Why send e-mails to people who will not open them? Better segment your audience beforehand, you’ll save time, effort and money.

Personalize and automate your campaigns

Massive shipments? Yes, but personalized , always. Write your Emails specifically to each Subscriber , in this way, you will make each of them feel valued and accompanied during the purchase process.

You can add the name of your Subscribers in both the Subject and the body of the Email . That way, you’ll avoid those impersonal messages that make subscribers feel like they’re on the wrong List communicating with the wrong brand.

Personalization goes hand in hand with automation, did you know that? The Email Automation is the perfect tool because it allows you to schedule your emails to be automatically sent after certain criteria are met determined beforehand . For example, every time a user subscribes to your Newsletter or the birthday of your customers.

By the way, it is also fundamental for all eCommerce to have a tool that allows you to send Transactional Emails , have you felt them named? These are those that take place after the user has visited a particular section of your Website or was viewing a specific product. They are the result of the interaction between the consumer and a page or application.

Pure Mathematics

The infallible equation to optimize your Campaigns is very simple. The more you segment your lists and the more personalized each email is, the higher your conversion rate. If you add the power of Email Automation it will be even better. It’s as simple as that,  combine the three features and power your results to the fullest!

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