What are the essentials of a landing page?


In any Online Marketing strategy, the objective is for visitors to become subscribers, for these subscribers to be “friends” of the brand and for them to ultimately become customers. Landing Pages were specifically created to help you on the road to conversion .

An effective design that results in results is not always easy to achieve and will depend on your brand. There are many ways and practices to design an effective page, then we tell you what are the most popular tactics .

1. Be simple and concise
At the time of designing your Landing Page Page first decide what action you want the users to carry out. One of the most common mistakes is confusion. Remember that you should focus on conversion, that’s why it includes concise content and simple design. You should not load your landing with designs that divert the attention of the user. Do not include sidebars, navigation menus, graphics or unnecessary images.

2. Raise A Realistic Goal
Your Landing Page should only have one realistic goal. If you have more than one goal to fulfill, create more than one page. The user should be clear what action to take , do not cause confusion. The more possibilities, the fewer conversions insured. Tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do.

3. Promise and fulfill. 
Beyond design and content, the Landing Page must respect the promise of advertisements , it must follow the line of all communications. It is in vain to put an advertisement that promotes something to attract attention and then the Landing Page contains different content. We will not fulfill our purpose, since we have not kept the promise.

4. Perform analysis
You can implement all the rules for creating Landing Pages, but there is no better tactic than doing an analysis of different designs. Testing the elements of the page and analyzing how the user interacts with them is the best way to run an effective online marketing campaign .

The best Landing Pages are those that meet these basic requirements, but especially those that receive a deep analysis of user behavior. The elements that must be included without exception are: promotion, registration form and call to action.

What other things do you consider essential on a landing page?

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