How to Use WhatsApp into a Marketing Tool


Have you ever thought about doing  WhatsApp  Marketing? Learn how to adapt this tool to your strategy and adapt it to your business model to improve your results.

The application of the moment already exceeds one billion users daily and, although it was conceived as an instant messaging tool to connect with family and friends, more and more are the brands that begin to use it for their communications.

Discover its advantages and learn how to combine this application with your Online Marketing actions .

Know your contacts

To use WhatsApp as your brand’s communication channel you need to know the profile of your customers, so you can reach them with messages tailored to you . What kind of information do you think they would like to receive? What are your consumption habits? Everything you can know about their lifestyles will help you determine the content of your texts.

You can even sub-group your contacts in different Broadcast Lists according to their characteristics to make the deal even more personalized. You can not target your prospects (people who show an interest in what you offer but still have not bought) to your current customers (those who already consume your products or services).

The more you know your target, the easier it will be to conquer them by targeting each action based on their tastes and preferences . Try building a Buyer Persona , it will help you to project in a more concrete way the characteristics of each segment.

While WhatsApp does not provide statistics that allow you to analyze your audience, by doing  Email Marketing  you can get  detailed reports on what topics are of interest to your subscribers, on what days and times your messages usually open, and so on. Take this data as a guide when planning your shipments for WhatsApp!

Another great alternative to get more information on tastes and interests of users is to use Social Networks . If your brand has a Facebook page , you have access to Insights , a tool that shows demographic information about who is interacting with your page, at what time and with what publications.

Create fun content

What do you want to communicate to your audience? Think carefully about how you are going to convince them  to achieve your goal.

Exit the mold. Do not use the Broadcast Lists to send boring texts announcing your products and their prices. It will be much better if you give them valuable information, not sales oriented but improve your link with each contact .

Put your creativity into action and focus on increasing your brand’s reputation, gaining loyalty and gaining public confidence , that is what in the long run will grow your business and position it in front of the competition.

At the moment, what works best for the brands is to generate closer relations with the consumers, to provide them experiences, to give them sensations and emotions.

Following this line, Toyota  decided to implement an action that proposed to users to change  their state of WhatsApp by the word “Hybridized” for a week, those who did participate in sweepstakes and prizes. A great way to encourage interaction, do not you think?

On the other hand, if you want to generate catchy content try to build messages that are flashy from the beginning so that the recipients do not stop reading. You can include photos, videos or GIF’s  simply to add a bit of dynamism.

Be careful not to saturate your contacts , bombard them with messages or send them irrelevant information because you could end up being blocked. Do not forget that the WhatsApp is, first and foremost, used as a contact tool with family and friends.

It is also important that you know that the application tends to block the account when mass deliveries are made to more than one broadcast list at the same time , especially if they are heavy uploads such as videos. You should wait for all messages to be delivered to a broadcast group before you start sending to the next list.

Make your campaigns viral

It’s time to boost the reach of your Emails! Include the WhatsApp icon on each piece to allow your Subscribers to share your Campaigns through this mobile app.

From now on you can not only make your contacts publish your Campaigns on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, but also send them by WhatsApp to their acquaintances.

If you send them funny emails or information of interest, your subscribers will want to share them instantly with their WhatsApp contacts, and these also yours, get ready to reach thousands and thousands of users in minutes!


Optimize customer service

Customers demand answers and instant solutions, therefore, many times WhatsApp becomes a channel of rapid and direct communication. However, you should strive to have a well-prepared team that is dedicated to continually attending to these messages.

Once you decide to offer this customer service, you can not turn back. Make sure you have the necessary structure ready to ensure real-time answers.

This medium is ideal for answering short messages and frequently asked questions , however, if it is complex queries or users who need a personalized attention you can continue the contact via Email to obtain a better follow up and that there are no misunderstandings.

The Email , unlike WhatsApp characterized by its fluid and spontaneous tone lets you send more elaborate messages . You can take your time to translate your ideas and communicate them to your customers clearly and correctly.

On the other hand, Email is also a good option when you want to reach many people at once. Doing Email Marketing will make your emails reach a mass audience but in a personalized way at the same time. Combine both tools for comprehensive and effective communication!

Reach new contacts

Although it is something that you should know, it is worth remembering: always try to have the acceptance and consent of the person before sending a message. It is necessary that the user himself or herself signs up or enrolls in a Form to receive your WhatsApp’s.

Forms never fail to capture new leads but, just in case, another great way to grow your database is to give your customers an incentive to be the ones that contact you .


Put into practice what you have learned!

Follow these tricks and turn this messaging tool into a more communication platform with your target audience. Are you ready to start doing WhatsApp Marketing ? Cheer up and tell us the results.

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