What does it take to have an SEO-Friendly Website?


In this article we will put together the necessary parts to make a completely SEO-Friendly Website that pleases Google and users landing on it. Let’s do it!

For those who are starting to start a digital business, of whatever type, a Web site is the base of the pyramid  and from where everything else will be built.

This may seem obvious to those who already know a bit, but when you start in the abysmal digital world, there is a whole puzzle packed with pieces to put together.  And that’s what we will do with the SEO of your site! We will join all the pieces to get an SEO-Friendly page : friendly for Google to find, index and not penalize .

What does it take to have an SEO-Friendly Website?How to Create a SEO-Friendly Web


First, you need to buy a domain . For this it is important to know the main keywords of your business and sector, so you can choose at least one in your name.

For example, if you have an doctor in the city of New York City, that word should be included in the domain: ‘NYCDOCTORE or NEYWORKDOCTOR’.  So you’re telling Google that your website is going to revolve around that, so it will help you to position yourself more easily in search engines .

No duplication

Tell no to duplicate content! Beginners usually copy directly from the web of their suppliers, be it product photographs or descriptions. Do not even think about it!

Google penalizes, and much, the pages that do. Keep in mind that this is one of the least SEO-Friendly practices!

Update content regularly

Google loves to crawl and find new content on pre-positioned web pages . Therefore, having a blog is one of the most SEO-Friendly factors that exist today.

The content update will keep your site in constant movement and dynamism. Do not hesitate!

Advertisement ad feedback

Remember to link to other websites that provide valuable information to your users. Otherwise, it is better not to put the link since Google penalizes the excess of external links without justification .

Internal Links

If you are used to putting internal links inside your website, congratulations! You are doing a favor to Google that rewards this type of link above the external , as well as making it easier for your users to navigate.

Optimization of images

The Google robot does not ‘see’ the images , so it is very important to use the ALT tag and describe the image there. To do this, use keywords that facilitate the work of Google and take into account the appropriate size of the same.


Previously, it was a good positioning practice to include a keyword the most times within a site. Now it’s just the opposite!

With the passage of time and constant updates of the Google algorithm , this practice has changed a lot and today it is much more SEO-Friendly to write content thinking about people and not search engines.

Build relationships with other websites

It may be beneficial to become a reputable Websites partner for Google , but always be careful about how many external links you use.


Today, mobile devices are an undeniable reality for any marketer. Likewise, Google increasingly values ​​Websites designed to provide a good user experience from a Smartphone. Think mobile!

Let’s do it

It is not easy to launch a digital business from scratch and much less if you have no information about it. Blogs like the Zenkyhub will help you  better understand what needs to be done and how to do it.

However, sometimes it is imperative to make a safe bet and invest in qualified training that allows you to walk on safe road. In the digital world, failures are paid, since Google can make life impossible to our Website if we do not carry out the appropriate practices.

And your web, is it completely SEO-Friendly? Tell us!

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