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Much has been said lately about SEO, everyone wants to have their page optimized for the almighty Google to try to capture “free” traffic as a way to make but when it comes to the truth, most forget one of the most important points.

You can already throw to write articles as if you were the life in it that not by this you are going to occupy the first positions, this is not something that has invented but it is something evident that can be demonstrated.

Current SEO Factors

In my most sincere opinion today the links and the authority of a domain are the number one factor of Search Engine Optimization, this is something that many deny but it is very simple to see.

Just go for the main keywords in the world of Marketing like “How to create an Online Shop” or ” How to make a Blog “.

Who occupy the first positions? Are they the best example of extensive content that solves a user’s doubts? Do not you think there will be much more powerful mega guides in Blogs more humble? Surely yes.

That is why the first step to position a Blog on Google is to gain authority through links and mentions of other websites , then is when it would enter everything related to content, which is the main topic of today’s post.

Why you need to reformulate your content

The content of a post is not something that must remain static forever since there are always new or changes that can be discussed and this is something that Google loves.

I assure you that reformulating content works very but very well, in fact I will tell you that the first version of my post is not SEO optimized . I simply choose the topic and talk about it without looking at the density of keywords or anything similar until a month after being published, what do you think?

I have to say that this strategy has worked perfectly so far making my blog receive more and more visits.

How to reformulate old content to improve Search Engine Positioning

I will start from the fact that all my posts go out to the public with more than 1,500 words, in fact it is difficult for me to write articles of less than 2,000 in its first publication. In them I try to focus on a group of keywords but in a super natural way focusing only on placing the keywords in the headings and little else.

Once published I proceed to measure the positions with Serplab , a tool that you can use for free by registering on that page. With this I make sure to see the progression of the article day by day and also helps me to better understand how the Google rankings.

Now is when we go into detail to see what I do in a reformulation of content:

Increase font size

Extending the post is important because that way Google will understand that you have increased the value of the pos t giving more relevant information to your visitors.

Anyway many people think that it is only a matter of extending by extension but it is not so, it is preferable to have 500 words of quality that 2,000 that do not add value to the reader; so you must add content of interest.

To do so you can base for example on the questions suggested by the tool Answerthepublic or any other similar; in addition I recommend that you take a walk for the first 10 results of Google for your main keyword and that you review the following:

  • Does your text contain information that I lack ?
  • Am I writing enough text or is it sparse in comparison?
  • Does a user who enters the post have all the information at their fingertips or should they go through another Blog?

Answering these questions will let you know if you are doing well or not, and of course give you ideas to increase the content of the post.

Add multimedia

This is where I add all the multimedia content that I think you can contribute to the article. If for example in the first 10 results of Google for your keyword you find a video and images is a sign that you may have to add them to your post too, right?

If the post I want to position is powerful I can pose several things:

  • Pass the post to audio so that someone can listen to it as a podcast.
  • Create a video and upload it to YouTube with a link to my post.
  • Add images of the process you are teaching.
  • Create an infographic in which the main ideas of the article are shown.

But in case it is a post, you do not need all this, so I simply embed a quality video and add some pictures related to the theme of the article.

Internal Linking

This is one of the most important parts and the least attention we give many times, linking related posts from the new article is vital but so is linking post from old to new .

To do this, it is enough to choose those that are related and that serve as a complement to the information provided.

Another important point is that of external links, many webmasters do not place them because they believe they can lose authority.

In the case of outbound links should also bring value to the user, for example if you talk about keyword search tools you should be able to link to the tools so that users can see and try, it has logic, right?


It is possible to say that if you have a Blog to which you have never reformulated content you should try it, but I recommend that you check your position before and after the change, you will see the difference ?

In short, so far the post that I think has been simple and very applicable, so now is your time. What do you think? Have you already tried rephrasing content? I wait for you in the comments!

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