First steps in eCommerce: what to know to succeed with an online store


EcommerceIf you are thinking about selling your products online , you probably have crossed your mind to have your own online store. Do not know where to start? Find out!

In the past, it was believed that designing and developing eCommerce was reserved only for enterprises that could invest considerable sums of money. But that’s no longer true!

Today, an online store is available to anyone who has a minimum amount of investment and the time required to start your project.

To sell on the internet there are basically four alternatives :

● Marketplaces or marketplaces: these classifieds platforms have a strong competition for the large number of sellers they have.

● Coupons: it is a good stained glass to show your products, although the big discounts that you have to offer make the profits decrease.

● Custom design: it gives you flexibility but you’ll need to pay a web designer to get the site up and running.

● Pre-armed online store: allows you to have your complete catalog published on the internet and offer a wide variety of means of payment and shipping, without the need for technical knowledge.

For those just starting out in the world of e-commerce, the option of a store of their own is surely the best: you will only need a minimum investment and you will not have to pay someone to do it for you.

Now … what should you keep in mind if you finally decide to have your online store ? In this article we tell you! Keep reading.

Some Steps Before Starting Your Online Business

Before going to the ring, you need to study the context a bit . Here are some steps that are important:

1. Research the market and the keywords that define your business

There are two useful tools you can use for this: Google Trends and the Google Adwords Keyword Planner .

These applications allow you to test the word (s) through which your potential buyers search the Internet for what you offer . Thus, you will understand which are the most searched terms in the market and you can use them for your project.

2. Analyze your competitors

There are more and more eCommerce sites, so the offer of products and services over the internet increases day by day .

Therefore, it is essential to carefully analyze the stores that offer products similar to yours : you can incorporate new ideas and understand what it is that you do not want to repeat.

3. Create a great name and domain

Both should reflect the keywords you have chosen. Suppose you sell wines, in that case it is key that both the name of your brand and the domain of your online store contain that word .

4. Think about how to store products

You have to know that you will need a minimum of space to store your stock. A good idea is to start with a small amount of merchandise to test what the public response is.

As you see that the products are sold, you can think of renting a storage place or pay to a supplier who can have your merchandise.

Key factors to keep in mind

The Importance of Brand Identity and Design

Building the identity of your brand will make people perceive what you offer in a certain way. Not being able to check the quality of products because they will be seeing them from a screen, the first impression they will have is key.

That means that you should pay special attention to your logo, the images you upload and the general design aspects.

Think of the values ​​and sensations that define your brand and concentrate on them to choose a style. On platforms like Cloud Store , the design you have solved it because the templates that you can use are very attractive, simple and can be seen from any device .

Payment and shipping methods

It is essential that your site has some way of collecting and sending your products. The means of payment can be offline or online .

Each means of payment has its own particular characteristics, so we advise you to take some time to understand what is the best way to charge for the sales of your online store.

In addition, you will need a service to send the orders. As your business grows, you will start receiving queries from cities far away from yours (and even from other countries) so you will have to choose one of the shipping options that you have available on the internet.

How to appear on Google without paying

For people to find you on Google, you need to focus your efforts on what is called SEO(acronyms that mean “search engine optimization”).

This will make your store better position in the results of this search engine and increase visits and sales. Some good practices to improve the SEO of your store are:

● Always use the keywords you have defined.

● Write clear and engaging titles and product descriptions .

● Use a company blog .

● Generate external links to your website.

● Make sure your site is made with HTML and not with Flash.

Have you taken note? Excellent! These are the most important points for you to take into account when creating your own online store.

Do you have comments to make us? Do not hesitate to use the space below to tell us your experiences in eCommerce.

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