What is the Click Through Rate (CTR)?


If we want to determine the effectiveness of our Email Marketing Campaigns and optimize them, the measurement of results is an essential task.

One of the best ways to get feedback about how Subscribers interact with the parts we send is through the CTR and the CTOR . Let’s see what they are about!

The Click Through Rate (CTR) is an index that represents the number of Subscribers that clicked on one or more of the links that appear in the Email, on the total of the Delivered Emails.

Example to calculate:

  1. Take the total number of Sent Emails and list the number of bounces , incorrect and repeated . For example, we make a shipment to 1500 Subscribers, of which they rebound 120, 80 are detected as incorrect, while 1300 are delivered.
  2. Calculate the number of subscribers who clicked on one of the available links. Following the example above, 90 of the Open Emails were clicked on a link.
  3. Divide the number of Emails actually Delivered by the number of subscribers who clicked .
  4. Multiply the result obtained by 100, to calculate the percentage.

Now, let’s look at the formula :

CTR = (Subscribers who clicked / Emails delivered) X 100

90/1300 x 100 = 7%

To determine the success of your Campaign you must take into account that a number greater than 7-10% is considered high, so your Campaign is effective . This is because the content of the Email is interesting to the Subscriber, so you want to know more about the information received.

If we want to be more specific, it is also possible to calculate the CTR by link , and in this way, to measure the effectiveness of each one of them, being able to determine what type of content is more interesting for the Subscribers . In this case, percentages above 1% can be considered good.

And what is the CTOR?

One of the most important metrics is the calculation of the Click To Open Rate (CTOR). In this case, the number of Subscribers that clicked on any of the links by the number of Open Emails is divided, and that result is multiplied by 100.

This data can help to evaluate the quality of the content and the level of engagement of the Subscribers. This way, you can optimize the performance of your campaigns to fit the expectations of your subscribers .

CTOR = (Subscribers who clicked / Openings) X 100

CTOR = (90/300) X 100 = 30%

Do you want to improve the numbers of CTR and CTOR?

Some keys:

  • Think of quality content that may be of interest to your subscribers.
  • Write a “subject” that catches the eye and is linked directly to the content of the Email.
  • Think about the design and organization of content .


We already tell you how to calculate and improve your CTR and CTOR numbers. Now is the time to get down to work.

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