5 reasons why you should customize your subscription form


“Relevance,” “subscriber preferences,” and “preference centers” are concepts that subtly remind us that we must have options for subscribers to our email campaigns.
Leaving these strict marketing terms, the options are highly effective in attracting and retaining subscribers .
Have you thought about how it can help you to know the preferences of the readers of your emails? To provide a form of preferences that is useful to you, you must understand what the information that you get for your strategy can do. 😉
Here are 5 reasons why you should use a form to know the preferences of the users:

1. Provide more relevant emails
Think about how a vending machine works: You choose what snack you want and that snack is the one that gives you back the machine. If you chose something salty, you do not want to get something sweet in return.
If you create different types of emails that you want to send, offering options allows subscribers to choose what they want from the beginning. So you can send them only what they want. This is fantastic: not only are you sending mail that is more likely to be read, and so you increase the opening rate and CTR, but also get information about what the user wants to get from you.
2. Save time trying to guess
Instead of using the preferences form to know what the subscriber wants, some marketers rely on click through information to determine which messages to send. While this may be effective, some trends may be misinterpreted from time to time. You can avoid that tedious job and you are not quite sure by asking additional questions on your form.
3. Target Your Local Subscribers
If you have an offline store, you’ll want to know which subscribers are close to you. You can view the information from their IP addresses and submit surveys via Google. All that works, but it is not as easy or as fast as having some questions on your website to get started.
4. Improve your deliverability
Using preferences is part of the recipe to reduce spam complaints which means better deliverability. The suctors are receiving more relevant information and you are able to implement the information they give you quickly.
Learning from preferences gives you the opportunity to keep your readers loyal with your emails.
5. Increases Subscriber Retention
Happy subscribers tend to stay on your lists. You are sending them content they want to receive. You can even clarify in the form that the information provided will help to send more relevant contents taking into account their answers.

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