4 Predictions for Email Marketing in 2018


During 2017 we witnessed several impressive events. Search engine results pages incorporated into social channels; Microsoft bought Skype, Google+ emerged as a strong competitor of Facebook; and advertising on both Facebook and Twitter soared. In addition the use of mobile devices grew and will continue to grow strongly.

However, the most significant change of last year was the advance of social media and the influence it had (and has) on almost every aspect of the human experience. It is to highlight that Facebook reached another important increase of users, reaching almost 1 trillion.

For Email Marketing , 2017 was a good year. More customers registered to receive emails, campaigns became more sophisticated, and analysis of reporting parameters also improved.

However, what should we expect this new year?

4 Predictions for Email Marketing in 2018One of the most important changes is that Facebook will offer its actions to the public for the first time. More funds available will mean more growth for this powerful social network. In addition, the use of mobile is reaching high growth peaks; this will cause more people to enter the Internet through their mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets.

Obviously, these changes will directly influence Email Marketing. Let’s look at some of the changes that are expected for 2018:

1. More elaborated email messages

During 2017, customers showed great acceptance of email marketing and were also more willing to receive relevant emails. Based on the current level of sophistication and reporting in email marketing, marketers are more likely to focus more on the content of those emails. Aspects that have not been given much attention before, such as signatures, order confirmations, and subscription notifications will become more sophisticated. More Emails will be treated as marketing channels.

2. Convergence between Email Marketing and Mobile

Email marketing has achieved phenomenal success in recent years. Mobile, on the other hand, is just beginning to take its first steps and is generating strong trends. 2018 is the year in which we hope to integrate these two media and above all, that the mobile serves as a complement to email marketing. Web designers should always consider different screen sizes in their designs. The same thing will happen to email template designers.

3. Deeper integration of Email Marketing and Social Media

Considering the growth in Social Media 2017 and what is expected for 2018, these two channels are ready to integrate better and better. Social Media will serve as a channel for retrieving more email addresses and sending targeted emails to individual targets will help complement Social Media strategies.

4. Email Marketing Will Increase

Due to the approval of the users, the email marketing was increasing last year and we do not expect that during this period this will decay. However, Email Marketing has competitors who have become strong. If strong innovations do not emerge with the new platforms, email marketing will begin to decline in subsequent years. In addition, email markets should pay attention and focus on sending relevant mail and not spam.

2018 will be a very different year to 2017. However, email marketers must continue working hard not to kill the trust of our customers.

What do you think will be different in 2018? Tell us!

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